Trending Redbubble Sticker Ideas 2022

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By Rahul Mishra - Associate Product Manager Jan 01 2022 Share this blog

New Year brings new opportunities to welcome each other and there are plenty of ways to express your emotions among your community. Vibrant, and bright stickers have been the latest inclusion to the list, instead of being a quirky idea. There are numerous shops in the market that produces innovative stickers, such as Redbubble, Hobby Lobby, Jane, etc. You may pick any of these to accessorize your collection in a dazzling way. For example, Redbubble does not only roster up a copious list of stickers but made these available at half price. Thus let’s explore the list of stickers that seem to dominate in 2022. 

Check out the chic trends to dominate in 2022

Though ample trends might be a continuation of 2021 yet it seems the design stickers based on the reaction against contemporary pandemic grim, seem to be more popular. Hence in the New year don’t be surprised with the emergence of wild font combinations mixed with vivid color by artists to shatter all kinds of restrictions and challenge their artistic versatility.

Positivity Stickers

It’s important to care for our hearts and minds and improve our confidence and inspire others around us, especially during such unprecedented times. Redbubble has loads of stickers that are pretty much versatile and emit positivity. The Positivity stickers are among those which come combined with beautiful rainbow colors and help you believe in yourself a little more. Super durable and water-resistant in matte finish they can be decorated on almost anything which one can think of such as windows, laptops, water bottles, desk, or more. Get ready to smile when you buy these positivity stickers in a bunch and avail a massive discount of 50% off on your total purchase.

Colorful Minimalism

Most often, minimalism is associated with a minimalist color palette, so we think of just monochromatic colors. But it seems that this year, this conception will soon be altered with designers coming up with an array of colors with earthy tones to give out positive vibes and shine. Minimalistic stickers can be more eye-catching than a complex one. One can get to see plenty of options at Target and Hobby Lobby store with some of them on discounts as well.

Mandala Stickers

Mandala has been a popular trend in art that holds a lot of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures which indicates concentration and relaxation. Most often now it is being used in art therapy and decorative art. This form of art has become very popular in recent years and one can get to see plenty of objects where it can be of use and stickers being one of them. Designed by individual artists these mandalas are an exploration into shapes, colors and state of mind. In mind-boggling designs and vibrant colors, Zazzle has an exquisite collection, and you have every reason to invest in one of a kind. Available at a discount of 15% off take your pick as you will realize that these stickers are great for so many uses. Alternately, if you are looking for something unique don’t forget to check at the Redbubble Store that is home to some extraordinary awesome mandala designs stickers created by renowned artists.

Go Retro

Everything retro seems to be trending again in 2022. Although you can make your idea look simple by designing a vintage-looking sticker with rustic colours, line drawings will do wonders to give a perfect vintage feel. For the retro look work on the square shape that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. With the glossy surface being scratch-resistant, these kinds of stickers are ideal for exterior use too. Available in 4 sizes they can be printed with utmost precision keeping the size in mind. Design one today with eco-friendly inks providing extraordinary vibrant colors.

Fun Relatable stickers

For the lighter moments of your life customers always try to look for stickers that they can relate to. It could be a funny quote or a phrase or a design that sums up their personality. If you are looking out for options head into Jane or Michaels where you could be lucky enough to bag some deals and score massive savings on fun stickers. Not to miss on the offers at Redbubble, where the collection of the fun relatable stickers is incredible with over five thousand stickers up for grabs. On your shopping of 4 stickers you could bag 25% on your total bill.