Best Selling T-shirts on Redbubble 2022

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By Rahul Mishra - Associate Product Manager Jan 01 2022 Share this blog

T-shirts, a ready-to-wear garment, occupy a special place in wardrobes of young and old alike. T-shirts have earned the status of one of the most popular pieces of garment which will hardly go out of style. These are comfy, cool, stylish, and funky. T-shirts expose one’s chic attitude in the best possible ways. 

At Redbubble, you will find a luminous collection of T-shirt designs, representing a broad spectrum of imaginative capacities and innovativeness, which are handy at a 60% price off regardless of any limitations. There are similar other competitive stores like Old Navy etc. which too follow the same route. Thus, if you’re questing to trend set 2022 with cool, and eccentric t-shirts designs, seek help from the underneath discourse without any hesitation. 

Best selling t-shirts for 2022

Rocking Music T-Shirt Design – Any music fan would love to wear these rocking music tees. This classic collection highlights some amazing instruments like guitars, speakers, drums, keyboards, etc.

Inspired by Art Nouveau – The hand-outlined designs generally hold so much importance and character. These textured, pencil-like drawings have been an amazing design trend at the present spell. A few most recognized designs of Art Nouveau are decorative patterns, organic subject matter, and gracefully curved line works.

Ultimate PI-day - On March 14, 2015, at 9:26 and 53 seconds (3/14/15 9:23:53), we will celebrate the Ultimate Pi Day. To Honourthese magical numbers, the Redbubble community has showcased these amazing mathematically magical t-shirts.

Graphic design – These are of one top trending t-shirt design that has pictures or visual communication on them. A few of the best-selling graphic designs include painting, screen printing, and weaving. 

3D typography – 3D typography is the perfect example of a trending t-shirt design growing out of modern “can-do” possibilities. With the improvement in modern technology and graphic designs, it has become a popular style in the modern generations. 

T-Shirts that Let You Bring a Friend Anywhere- These t-shirts patterns are really fun, especially with the pocket friend that comes with a built-in litter box, right in the bottom of the pocket.

Handwritten text – Handwritten texts carry a well-defined tone to your t-shirt with a hand-drawn message. These handwritten designs notify some special message which tells about the mindset of one’s wearing it. 

Puns t-shirts – The Puns design t-shirts are classic and they should never be overlooked while creating t-shirt designs. The Puns design t-shirts are in trend as they are extremely funny. Puns that are so bad that they turn funny and puns that are so awfully lame won’t be accepted for printing. Most of the puns in t-shirt design are made up of actual funny illustrations or combing images under a humorous concept.

Pastel colors t-shirts -The pastel color patterns t-shirts are targeting among the young female audience. A colorful yet subtle t-shirt design style, pastel colors on both texts as well as drawings and illustrations are truly in trend.

 Plain text t-shirts – It’s one of the most simple yet trending patterns right now, the concept of plain text on t-shirts with a relatable message attracts a lot of audiences. 

Pixel Art t-shirts – Pixel art design attracts most of the gaming and geek community. The pattern evokes powerful nostalgia feelings in all the gamers. All the gamers love the idea of wearing this design as it gives them confidence. 

Retrofuturism – Futuristic cities, robotized environments, space travels, and floating cars are all different designs of this trending pattern. It’s a vintage design that attracts a lot of audience. In other words it’s all about looking back at how people thought about the future in the past.

Rainbows – Rainbows are one of the candid design trends. It blends fun, joy, and hope—everything that we’ve been missing for so long. It’s a very famous design among the young audience.

Optical illusion - It’s not only a brace 70s design trend but an optical illusion pattern that can hold anyone’s attention who looks at it. 

Doodle Artwork - There’s always room for the doodle t-shirt in one’s wardrobe. Doodle designs can be done in plenty ways of thin lines, wavy lines, shapes of all colors and sizes. So, let your imagination take over and print it over your merch.

The ideas mentioned above are the most amazing and trending ideas you can find while buying a t-shirt. All of the designs are easily available online and are also pretty affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out and spice up your t-shirt collection with whatever suits you.