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By Ritu Bhakuni - Content Writer Aug 02 2022 Share this blog

Owning a car is expensive & as we are aware that auto components are the soul of your car, and all vehicles at some stages of time are in need of replacement of auto parts from time to time. 

Advance Auto Parts is an incredible location for people looking for high quality routine spare parts to get your car moving on the road smoothly. With 15% off on online purchases Advance Auto parts makes buying vehicle replacement parts easy, attributing to their being at an advantage over their competitors.

Under the Hood Smart Buys


Battery is your vehicle’s nerve center. Choosing a good car battery is probably the most important thing you can do for your car as they wear out over time & nothing is worse than a dead car battery. So, if quality & customer service is your top priority, you should consider Advance Auto parts where you can find any car battery regardless of your vehicle’s model, year and make. 

With proven tough coverage make sure your car starts and runs efficiently with the best car batteries from OPTIMA, Odyssey & DieHard and much more while attaining some exciting coupons and discounts during the purchase. Odeyssey batteries deliver twice the power due to the pure material that makes it a performer. DieHard batteries are fully sealed, so they can be easily delivered at your doorstep & that’s not all, the warehouse even provides free shipping if your order is above $35.

Air Filter

Cars are equipped with engine air filters to trap dust & particulate matter before any problem arises in the mechanism. So, to say Air Filter is one defense mechanism that acts as the lungs allowing clean air to pass through the engine and boost your car’s performance. Even if you are a novice in car care, some errands can be handled easily & that too with minimal expenses. Checkout from the plethora of options of high-performance air filters at Advance Auto parts, and Fram is one brand that supplies some of the most affordable options constructed with quality material that make them durable. 

Cars are fitted with a rectangular box fastened with clips, while some are secured with screws for which you would require a screwdriver. A basic tool kit from AutoZone can get you far when it comes to the health of your car. Once the airbox is unfastened, you will see a filter which must have very likely turned absolutely black with all the trapped mud. Replace the old filter with a new white one which is easily accessible at the Auto Zone website for under $20. Although, the choice is endless yet, prominent brands include Purolator, Mann-Filter, K&N to name a few.

Windshield Wiper Blades

Wipers are the indispensable element of your vehicle and the wiper blades usually last for six months to a year, so, it’s easy to tell when your wipers need a replacement. There are lots of economy blades in the market. But go with brand names like ANCO, Bosch, TRICO, DENSO instead with high quality rubber wipes. They come in the $30 range at Auto Zone and are super easy to install. 

Also, checkout out the Amazon offers for today, as this reputable platform sells almost everything, so navigate around the site to make your savings even more substantial. Alternately, with plenty of options at Advance Auto parts as well, don’t forget to enjoy the 20% savings if your order exceeds $100.

Spark Plugs

Though small, inexpensive and often overlooked, but they do require occasional attention as they are one of your engine’s vital components. They too have a life & tend to wear out over time and to replace a faulty spark plug may seem daunting. 

If you have spark plug problems consider replacing them as they are mostly coming in multipacks, with an array of types that are readily available, but you can rely on brands such as ACDelco, Denso, NGK, Motorcraft which top among the best-selling spark plugs in the market. For the best value for money providing excellent long-lasting performance go in for the double Platinum type and Bosch is an amazing choice which can be added to your shopping cart from Advance Auto Parts for just $8.99

Cooling Fluids and Chemicals

Excessive heat can cause expensive engine damage, but to prevent this problem a coolant additive when filling your system is a great option that prevents corrosion and lubricates pump seals. To maintain a healthy engine there are various antifreeze products which is a mixture of water and antifreeze. The additives contain agents that reduce air bubbles and air pockets so there is complete coolant contact with all internal surfaces. 

Carid is one of the most trusted retailers providing high quality products from reputable brands at an affordable price. So, if you want to fix your vehicle without draining your wallet Motorcraft is a great solution which is easily accessible at Lowes that includes protection against scale, rust and corrosion of all cooling systems metals including aluminium.

To help you identify a legitimate store, without the chances of getting scammed, big players like Advance Auto parts in the market understand the requirement of their customers by keeping a stock of all the products, from batteries to brake pads where you can easily slash these auto expenses with amazing discount offers over the life of your vehicle.