Win $1100 Essay/Review Scholarship For Top US Universities

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By Pragati Kathuria Jun 24 2021 Share this blog

The $1100 Scholarship Program is an alternative to ensure a fair opportunity for all of you aimed at getting admission in the leading U.S. universities.

To win $1100 Essay/ Review Scholarship, you are required to review an e-commerce store within 1000-1500 words. The $1100 Essay Scholarship Program is intended to foster your future under the cap of the Top Universities of the U.S.  You can pick any U.S. based E-Commerce store for the review, submit it prior to 5th February 2022 and unveil your ambition.

*Note: The best 10 entries for the $1100 Essay Scholarship Program would be featured on our website.

Top Universities | $1100 Essay Scholarship Program 2021





Massachusetts Institute of Technology


What is the Eligibility Criteria for a $1100 Essay Scholarship Program?

You are need to fulfill the below stated criteria to be eligible for the $1100 Essay Scholarship

Program for fixing your seat in Harvard University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and so forth.

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | Eligibility Criteria:

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | Eligibility Criteria 

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | Requirements

Age Limit 

18 years or above


Candidate must be enrolled in Undergraduate/ Graduate course in a Reputed U.S. University 

Essay Details

Plagiarism Free 

Word Limit 

1000-1500 words.

Do’s & Don’ts For $1100 Essay Scholarship Program:

  • Essay for a review must be plagiarism Free.

  • The sentences in the Essay must make sense.

  • Essay must be in third person narrative.

  • Use of slang words is prohibited.

  • Abbreviations must not be used.

  • Do not repeat the sentences.

  • Review content must be relatable.

What is a $1100 Essay Scholarship Program?

The $1100 Essay Scholarship Program is a lead for you to get enlisted in top universities of the U.S. at an ease. You can get a financial cushion with a mere review essay for a renowned website  named Couponhp

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | Dates & Requirements:

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | Specifications

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | Requirements

Application Date 

21st June 2021

Last Date For Submission

5th February 2022

Form Submission Mode 


Candidates Eligible 

University Students under Accredited U.S. Universities 

Essay scholarship Amount (US$)


Universities Available (U.S.)

Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Yale & More.

Results Date 

11th March’ 2022

*Note: Applications for $1100 Essay Scholarship Program will be closed on February 5th 2022. 

How to apply for a $1100 Essay Scholarship Program?

Do you want to know how does Couponhp help you win $1100Scholarship?

The trick to get a $1100 Essay Scholarship is revealed in the following steps.

Step 1: Go To Couponhp website.
Step 2: Search For The Scholarship Portal.
Step 3: A Registration Form would appear for $1100 Essay Scholarship.
Step 4: Fill the registration form with the required information.
Step 5: Then follow the next step of uploading the Review Essay.
Step 6: Analyse & Review the essay before submitting.
Step 7: Submit the Essay Review in the form after reevaluating your details.

*Note: Your selection for the $1100 Scholarship Program would be confirmed via email.


10 Tricks To Win $1100 Essay Scholarship Program via Couponhp Revealed

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program

1. Write a Review Essay for the website Couponhp.
2. The review content in the essay must be original and comprehendible.
3. Essay must be well versed and framed as per the norms to be eligible.
4. After Submission, you’ll receive an email in regard to your selection.
5. After being selected, $1100 Essay Scholarships will be imparted to the University in accord with your preference.
6. The Scholarship sum would be automatically applied to your University tuition fees.
7. The $1100 Essay Scholarship Program is valid for cash-only Scholarship.
8. The amount will be transferred to your personal account or be reimbursed in kind.
9. Your Student ID Verification will be done for availing the scholarship.
10.  A tax would be levied on the scholarship sum as per the Income Tax Act of the U.S. Section 194B.

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | Terms & Conditions

You can cherish your $1100 Essay Scholarship Program amount besides abiding by these terms and conditions.

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | Terms & Conditions:

  • Tax Deduction: The Scholarship sum would be applied after the tax deduction as per Section 194B of the Income Tax Act of the U.S.

  • Final Submission: The submission of the form for Essay Scholarship will be an equivalent of the candidates consent in regard to the terms and conditions.

  • Review Essay Content: The Essay for the scholarship must be strictly inclusive of the review related content only. No generic information must be included.

  • Language: The language of the Essay is fixed to ENGLISH language.

  • Results: Winners are selected by the sponsors and the decision would be final.

  • Scholarship Prize Allocation: The $1100 Essay Scholarship will be awarded to your preferred University at the time of admission.

  • No. Of Applications: A candidate can apply once for The Essay Scholarship Program.

8 Best Universities Under $1100 Essay Scholarship Program 

The 8 best Universities for the $1100 Essay Scholarship Program are aired in the table beneath.

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | 8 Best Universities 

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program | 8 Best Universities

Harvard University 

Columbia University

Stanford University 

Princeton University

Yale University 

University Of Chicago

University Of Pennsylvania 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

$1100 Essay Scholarship Program: Selection Procedure 2021 

You will be selected on the basis of the norms for The $1100 Essay Scholarship Program stated underneath.

Selection Procedure | $1100 Essay Scholarship Program

Step 1: Review Content Analysis

Step 2: Grammar Check

Step 3: Content Accuracy 

Step 4: Creativity 

Final Steps To Win $1100 Essay Scholarship Program Prize

The crest for $1100 Essay Scholarship Program Prize is revealed in the understated pointers.

  • $1100 Essay Scholarship would be applied to your enrolled University in the U.S. Province.

  • The amount of scholarship will be validated after a proof of your student status.

  • $1100 Essay Scholarship would be imparted in cash only.

  • There is no cash equivalent for the scholarship. 

  • The scholarship sum will be applied after the levies as per the Income Tax Act , Section 194B of the U.S.

You can step up fearlessly for your Dream University in the U.S. Province with $1100 Essay Scholarship Program and affix your ambition to be apparent in the near time.